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Special Features

•    Opening Vignettes

Each chapter begins with a detailed opening vignette, highlighting a particular company and how it has grappled with the issues in the coming chapter. The intent is to demonstrate the relevance of the chapter material and to provide a real-world example to facilitate understanding.

•     Technology Expert’s View from the Trenches

Each chapter has one, and sometimes two, technology experts providing a first-person perspective on specific issues pertinent to the chapter. These Boxes are written by people working in the field in a variety of high-tech positions, who offer insights on key challenges and key success factors for high-tech marketing.  The companies featured in these vignettes are shown in Table Preface-3.

•     Technology Solutions for Global Problems

Previously referred to as “Technology Tidbits” in the prior edition, these Boxes feature companies, products/technologies, and business models that solve emerging problems such as the energy crisis, global warming, or those found in base-of-the-pyramid markets.

•     End-of-Book Mini-Cases

•    The book now contains seven mini-cases that allow more in-depth analysis and discussion of key concepts from the text. The cases provide hands-on opportunities for students to apply the book’s frameworks and concepts, and to exercise critical thinking skills. Cases include Xerox, Skype, ESRI (GIS software), Airbus and Boeing, Goomzee Mobile Marketing, Selco, and TiVo.

•     Technical Appendices

Where appropriate, technical appendices provide supporting detail on chapter material, such as steps in patent procurement (Chapter 8), Web log analytics (Chapter 11), etc.

•     End-of-Chapter Application Questions

In response to reviewer requests, the end-of-chapter questions now feature more application-oriented questions.  Many of these tie the chapter material directly to the opening vignette, the technology expert’s perspective, and/or the Technology Solution Box.

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