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Is There More to Skype Than Hype?

1.  Describe the environment in which Skype competes based on the three characteristics of high-tech markets (Chapter 1).

2. Given the technological uncertainty present in the VoIP mobile market, would Skype be likely to emerge as the leader? Explain your reasoning.

3. Would VoIP be considered a disruptive technology by wireless carriers? Explain.

4. Collect current statistics regarding the number of VoIP users. At what stage of the adoption-and-diffusion process is this technology?

5. What would be an ideal beachhead for Skype to focus its efforts on?

6. What are the elements of a whole product solution for VoIP? What are the implications for Skype in terms of crossing the chasm?

7. What are the pros and cons of Skype’s selection of a proprietary Voice-over-Internet Protocol?

8. What are the characteristics of a business that can successfully implement an advertising-based business model? Does Skype possess those characteristics?

9. a. Analyze the pros and cons of the three alternatives discussed in the case for Skype to generate revenue.
b. What other strategies are available to Skype to generate revenue? Assess their pros and cons as well.
c. Make a recommendation for a viable business model for Skype to succeed.

10. Is Skype likely to become the moneymaking machine that eBay envisioned?  Why/Why not?

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