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Chapter 1 - The World of High-Technology Marketing

Chapter Features

The chapter includes a wide variety of high-tech examples to support the chapter content, including:

  • High-Tech innovations in personal transportation:


Terrafugia’s Transition

Image From:


Jetpack International’s Jet Pack T-73

Image From:

See also Aptera, Tesla, and A Better Place.

  • Computing Technology for base-of-the-pyramid (emerging, impoverished markets):

One Laptop Per Child

Sneak Peek of Chapter Content

Why do so many high-tech products fail? How can the success rates be improved?
What is marketing?
What is “high technology”?
What is high-technology marketing?
What are the types and variety of innovations?
Why are industry standards so important in high-tech markets?
Outline of a marketing plan
Contingency Theory of High-Technology Marketing
Listing of Chapter topics from the Table of Contents

Application ideas

Other Interesting Articles and Technologies


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