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Chapter 2 – Strategic Market Planning in
High-Tech Firms

Chapter Features

The chapter includes a wide variety of high-tech examples to support the chapter content, including:

•    Medtronics’ strategic planning process
•    Amazon’s push into cloud computing and other Web services
•    Green building technologies
•    Nintendo Wii marketing strategies
•    Intel’s organizational structure

•    Base of the pyramid products:  Dignity Toilets and Envirofit

•    IPTV models (Avail Media)

Sneak Peek at Chapter Content

What are the major steps in the strategic planning process?
How does a high-tech company trade-off making investments in new technologies and investments in marketing existing technologies?
What are the key strategy decisions?
What are the key strategy types?
Should high-tech companies use formal planning processes?
How can high-tech companies assess their marketing performance?
What are technology incubators?
Should high-tech start-ups bootstrap or seek venture capital?
Listing of Chapter topics from the Table of Contents

Application Ideas

Other Interesting Articles and Technologies

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