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Chapter 3 – Culture and Climate Considerations for
High-Tech Companies

Chapter Features

The chapter includes a wide variety of high-tech examples to support the chapter content, including:

•    Google’s unique innovative culture

•    Base of the pyramid products:  StarSight solar-powered street lighting + Wifi

•    Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) approach to culture in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software industry

•    Sony, and many others

Sneak Peek at Chapter Content

What are the facilitators high-tech companies use to maintain a culture of innovativeness?
How can high-tech companies avoid the innovator’s dilemma?
What makes product champions successful in high-tech companies?
Should a high-tech firm set up skunkworks for innovation?
What are the barriers to maintaining a culture of innovativeness?
Listing of Chapter topics from the Table of Contents

Application Ideas

Other Interesting Articles and Technologies

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