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Chapter 5 – Partnerships, Alliances, and Customer Relationships

Chapter Features

The chapter includes a wide variety of high-tech examples to support the chapter content, including:

•    The Apple iPhone and its constellation of partners
•    The use of industry partnerships and consortia to develop industry standards and sustainability metrics, such as EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment)
•     Base of the pyramid products:  The Slingshot water purifier by Dean Kamen
•    BestBuy’s, Tech Data’s, and Parata Systems’ approaches to customer relationship management.

Sneak Peek at Chapter Content

What kinds of partnerships does a high-tech company use over the life of its product?
Why do so many partnerships and alliances fail, and what solutions are there?
What are the unique considerations in managing outsourcing relationships?
How do companies use open innovation networks?
What process should high-tech companies use to manage customer relationships for maximum value?
Listing of Chapter topics from the Table of Contents

Application Idea

Other Interesting Articles and Technologies

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