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Chapter 7 – Understanding High-Tech Customers

Chapter Features

The chapter includes a wide variety of high-tech examples to support the chapter content, including:

•    RFID (radio frequency identification tags) and the wide variety of industry applications and adoption considerations
•    Insights from Panasonic about segmenting the mobile phone market in Japan
•    The promise and concerns about nanotechnology and the paradox it poses for customers
•    Vertical versus horizontal market segmentation in the GIS software industry
•    How gender affects technology purchase decisions (and marketing strategies BestBuy uses for women that are different from their strategies for men)
•    Creative Solutions for Water Services in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets

Sneak Peek at Chapter Content

How does design thinking affect high-tech adoption decisions?
How do high-tech companies manage “end-of-life” issues for their products?
What is the effect of “feature creep” and complexity on high-tech customer adoption decisions?
What is the “chasm” effect in high-tech markets?  What causes it, and what can companies do to overcome it?
What are the various high-tech customer segments in the U.S.?
How can a high-tech company effectively position its products?
What are the paradoxical effects of technology on high-tech customers?
Listing of Chapter topics from the Table of Contents

Application Ideas

Other Interesting Articles and Technologies

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