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Interesting Articles and Technologies

Source:  Kimes, Mina (2008), “When middlemen discredit your goods:
Gray market resellers can dilute the brand name you’ve worked hard to build” (April 28),  Fortune (Small Business) at:

See also for the impact of the recession on gray market activity:
Hoffman, Katie (2008), “Gray market swells as economy swoons” Seattle Times, December 8, at
(The credit crisis has spurred mergers, bankruptcies and mass layoffs, boosting the supply of old equipment. At the same time, technology buyers are looking for bargains.)

“The order seemed innocent enough–1,000 Hewlett-Packard computers and monitors to be shipped to a charitable foundation for underprivileged youth. But when HP sleuths paid visits to the addresses where the deeply discounted computers were supposed to go, they didn’t find underprivileged youth or classrooms. They found warehouses” filled with product to be shipped via the grey market.

Finally, here’s a great report from KPMG: “Tech Companies Fighting Gray-Market Sales,” KPMG Digital Insider, September 5, 2008 at

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