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What can high-tech companies do to facilitate effective interaction between sales people (a direct channel of distribution from the company to key customers) and marketing personnel (Sales-Marketing interactions)?

  • Encourage communication between the two groups. More communication is not necessarily better.  Rather, communication should be relatively formal, meetings should have an agenda, and a systematic process for sharing.
  • Joint assignments in which Marketing and Sales are given opportunities to work together. For example, product managers could be sent on sales calls; salespeople can be involved in reviewing ads and campaigns, as well as developing marketing plans.
  • Co-location in which Sales and Marketing groups reside in physical proximity to each other can facilitate interactions.
  • Common metrics for evaluation, including compensation systems, should be used.
  • Encourage shared databases for CRM and monitoring the results of the marketing and sales cycles.
  • Develop a systematic way for the sales force to share its knowledge of customers and the market, and vice versa.
  • Have both functions report to a C-level executive.
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