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Listing of Chapter Content from Table of Contents

Chapter 9 – Distribution Channels and Supply Chain Management in High-Tech Markets

Issues in Distribution Channel Design and Management 320
Channel Structure 321
Channel Management 329
Channel Performance 330

Managing Hybrid Channels: Effective Multi-Channel Marketing 330
Step 1: Gather Market Data 331
Step 2: Work toward Harmonization Following Contingency Theory 331
Additional Considerations: Channel Relationship Quality, CRM, Compensation, and Communication 333

Emerging Considerations in Distribution Channels 334
Distribution for “Digital” Goods: The Long Tail 334
Understanding Gray Markets 335
Black Markets, Piracy, and Restricted Exports 338
Unique Distribution Requirements for Developing (BOP) Markets 338

Supply Chain Management 339
Matching Supply Chain Strategies to Uncertainty 341
Supply Chain Management Technologies 342
Outsourcing 344
The “Greening” of the Supply Chain 345

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